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Freundeskreis Südafrika Freundeskreis Südafrika


Hier können Schülerinnen und Schüler, Eltern, Gastfamilien und Lehrerinnen und Lehrer für uns und für andere eine Nachricht hinterlassen.

Pupils, parents, host families and teachers: Please leave a message for us and for others.

Germany December 2018

Germany was the defenition of amazing.❤
At first i was very overwhelmed by the difference and the language.
But then later on i got so used to the things they do differently,that i fell in love with Germany and the people here.

I missed home at times, but Thanks to my host sister i did not always miss home.
I will always be thankful for them and my time in Germany .
It's something I will never forget.
It's defenitly worth it

6 Weeks Later - The Experience

Dear FSA, Family Engisch and whom ever feels like reading my message,

6 Weeks ago I arrived in Germany. I wrote a message when I arrived here and now I think it is time to reflect on the great experience I had in Germany.

Today is day 42. My 42nd day in Germany. Also known as My last day in Germany. This day, right now, I am spending my time on the train, slowly on my way back to the airport, back to where the greatest adventure of my life began.

First of all I'd like to thank my host family, the most caring, adventurous and loving family. Soul people. They are people living from the heart, they're lifestyle is filled with love and care and I am very thankful that they shared their love, care and life adventures with me.

Secondly, I'd like to thank all my friends I made here in Germany. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lifes . You taught me that no matter what, just stay yourself and all else will follow.

Thirdly, I'd like to thank Alta Botes for her motivational messages, her support and care and the interests she wanted to share in our adventure here in Germany.

Lastly, I'd like to thank home. My parents, my siblings and my friends back home. Thanks for supporting me while I was away.

So, what did I learn here? What did Germany change in me?

I learned to be more confident, to be more independent, to trust and believe more in myself. I learned to take risks but to take responsibility with each risk I take. I learned to life, to make the best of what I have, and so I leaned to be more confident.

This is the greatest advantage I think I gained in my life to ready me for my future.

I have no more words, other than saying I will miss my home away from home. I will miss the fresh Black Forest air, my black forest family and my black forest friends.

Here's to the best and most beautiful life I had in Germany.

Till our pathways cross again.

Greetings to Germany, the culture, people and the language.

Auf Wiedersehen

Ulrich (Uli) Lategan

farewell message

Greetings to all FSA members

I would like to start by thanking you for the opportunity granted to me. This youth exchange program has played a huge effect in my life whereby I got to learn about the german culture and their differences between our culture and their culture.
It has also taught me how to use my time somehow and I have also learned a lot from my host sister being kind, being patient and having responsibilities. It was the greatest experience of my life and I am also thankful for the hostfamily you have chosen for me. It is a loving outgoing family. I can't believe I am only left with four days for I go back home. I never thought time would go so fast as I was enjoying myself. I didn't even think of going back home; even though there were some times I would feel like going home, I would cry myself to sleep, hoping that this time passes by, it is now that I realized how much I enjoyed spending time with the Welsch's family. I had even started feeling comfortable around them as if they were my real family, because they made me feel like I am home. Words can't even explain the way I feel.

I am left with no words to say, but to say I am very much greatful to the Welsch's family and the FSA.

Lebohang Lechoano

My Experience in Germany

If I were to tell myself, a year ago, that right now I would be experiencing Germany and all it has to offer, I would not have believed it. Taking part in this programme has been a life-changing experience. Not only have I been able to see the other side of the world, but I have been able to experience Germany, its culture and its people first-handedly. It has opened my eyes to the world beyond the comforting familiarity of South Africa.

During my first few days in Germany, I was overwhelmed by the language, culture and practices of the country and longed for a sense of familiarity. This, however, forced me to open up my mind and embrace the differences this country had to offer.

If you are unsure whether or not you would like to participate in this programme, I would highly recommend it - you will be exposed to so many different challenges and experiences which will only benefit your self-confidence.

Best experience!

This truly is one of the best life changing experiences ever! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and for being so prepared and organised!


Dear Petra

Wow! It’s been quite an eventful two weeks in Deutschland and I forgot to have a look at my emails.

I’m certainly enjoying every moment here and I found that the first week here went more smoother than I had anticipated. I noticed that I felt quite the same during my second week, but i also felt a very slight longing for familiarity. Nevertheless I am still enjoying and savoring every moment here , as I’m well aware that opportunities like these don’t present themselves very often.

My host family and I are very close and I’ve found that my host sister and I have a very sibling-like relationship that is very hard to find.
There’s so much history and learning here and I’m ever-grateful for this opportunity.

I hope you’ve had an amazing Weihnachstag, and I wish you a happy New Years in advance.

Best Regards


This has got to be the most challenging and really amazing experience I’ve had. My host family makes me feel like I’m at home. I’m extremely happy I decided to take part in this program. Thank you for caring and see you soon.

My German experience!!

Today is my 9th day in Germany and I have a not had any negative experiences with any people or activities ,I am extremely greatful and say thank you everyday for the wonderful host family I'm staying with.
My time at school wasn't long but it was still very interesting and I met a lot of new, friendly and welcoming people.
I am really enjoying my stay here and will always remember this ..❤

My first week

Even at the end of my first week, I know this will be one of the best experiences of my life, because the people at the FSA, went out of their way to find me a host family best suited for me and they did an excellent.

I would definitely recommend this to children who want to experience something new and different.

fühlt sich wohl

Hallo Frau Jacobi,
nach der ersten Woche mal eine kurze Rückmeldung von uns, Theo ist von der Gastfamilie in Port Elizabeth sehr herzlich empfangen worden und fühlt sich dort sehr sehr wohl!
Den Berichten und Fotos zufolge hat er eine wirklich unvergessliche Zeit, wir sind sehr froh, dass er es so gut angetroffen hat :-).
Von uns einen herzlichen Dank für ihre tolle Orga, wir wünschen ihnen ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches, gesundes Neues Jahr!
Herzliche Grüße
Familie Iris T.

Fun at Hostfamily

Dear Petra
I am having lots of fun with my host family and I am loving my host sisters and brother.I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with them!

Love Marise

I'm so happy!!

So far I'm enjoying my stay so much. I've already learned a lot and in this little time, my german has already improved a lot. The school is also something I find very interesting and how they differ from us. Nonetheless, my fellow classmates are also very friendly and go out of their way to make sure I'm okay and understand what they are saying. My family is also very nice and already close to heart. I almost don't want to go back!

What an experience!

So far I think I've faced more challenges than ever before! Nevertheless my host family is really nice and do their best to accommodate me! Germany truly is a a picture book country! I'm so glad I decided to take part in this program.


My stay in Germany has been nothing but pleasant. My host family and I are getting along very well. They go out of their way to make things comfortable for me and spoil me a lot. Germany is a beautiful town and I absolutely love it here!
Thank you so much FSA for giving me the opportunity I will forever remember it !

Germany is SUPER!

I arrived safe in Germany, my host family is so great I couldn't have asked for a better family, we get along very good. Germany is such a beautiful sight.

Wonderful time in Germany

I am really enjoying my stay in Germany. My host family is so wonderful they are really trying their best to accommodate me. I have learned so much about their culture and their ways of doing things and I love their food it is the best


"Du willst nach Südafrika? Gibt es da überhaupt Autobahnen?" , das war eine der ersten Fragen, die mir gestellt wurde, als ich gesagt habe wo mein Schüleraustausch hingehen wird. Südafrika- eines der fassettenreichsten Länder der Welt. Es gibt arme Menschen und reiche. Man kann baden gehen und trotzdem Pinguine am Strand sehen und man kann auf der Autobahn oder eben buchstäblich durch den Busch fahren. Dieses Land ist definitiv immer eine Reise wert. Das wusste ich auch schon vorher und gerade deshalb habe ich mich bewusst dafür entschieden 3 Monate in diesem wunderschönen Land zu leben. Das war die beste Entscheidung! Meine Familie war super. Ich kann mir, für mich, keine bessere (Gast)Familie vorstellen. Durch sie konnte ich so viel vom Land sehen und viele verschiedene Menschen treffen, auch aus anderen Ländern, die in SA ihr (2.) Zuhause gefunden haben.

Ich möchte mich auch nochmal bei Petra bedanken, weil du die perfekte Gastfamilie für mich gesucht und gefunden hast. Ich denke, dass die richtige Familie zu finden einen großen Unterschied zu anderen Organisationen macht. Auch immer einen Ansprechpartner zu haben ist etwas Besonderes , bei Euch eine ganz normale Sache .Danke !

soo exited

I am soo exited to be in Germany, I can't even explain it.
I can't wait to see you in person.
Yes, I and my host family are keeping in touch always. We are communicating very well and I am soo exited to meet them tomorrow.
Thank you and the FSA team for granting me such a wonderful oppoturnity.

Van Zyl

Lovely page

Time flies

It is unbelievable how time flies, and now we are here - tshegofatso's about to join Imke and Anna Laura.

I wish to express my gratitude to you, Alta and the FSA for making this happen for Tshegofatso; and to Imke for hosting her.

We have noted the contents of the email and Tshegofatso is looking forward to meeting you all.