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Hier können Schülerinnen und Schüler, Eltern, Gastfamilien und Lehrerinnen und Lehrer für uns und für andere eine Nachricht hinterlassen.

Pupils, parents, host families and teachers: Please leave a message for us and for others.

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Can't wait

Hi Petra

Thank you so much for your lovely email:) I'm so excited to go on this lovely adventure!

I'm so glad I chose to go in December because it's currently 28°C here and I feel like I'm melting 🥵 I can't wait to get out of this heat and into the snow!

Looking forward to meeting you and the other exchange students 😊

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Kind regards
Brinkley :)

The Great Adventure awaits...

I'm really excited for the next few days and I just can't wait. I'm counting down the days and I also can't wait to meet my host family and to just be in Europe. The next few days are going to feel like an eternity because I just can't wait for the adventure.

My first trip overseas

I am really nervous but extremely excited to go to Germany. As it is my first time overseas I don’t really know what to expect, but I am open to new experiences. Right now, my thoughts are racing and trying to remember everything I need to take with. So I’m busy packing and preparing for the journey. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ll see you in Germany.

My visit to Germany

I am very excited and can not wait to arrive in Germany to spend some wonderful time with my host family.


I am so excited!! Finally i will get to have a white Christmas! It is nerve racking that we going to a country we don't know but as time goes we will get use to it, i honestly can't wait to meet my host family and share all the great things about South Africa to them. We've been counting days with my host mother and yes I've got a week to be with them. So excited!

feel quite home

Dear Ms Jacobi

Thank you for your email!

My first week in Germany has been great. I adapted quite quickly, and I have not experienced any homesickness. My host family is so sweet and I feel quite at home. I am looking forward to another 5 weeks in Germany! Elsa-Marié

Having a great time

Such am interesting family and there are so many new people to meet . I have already seen so much and been so welcomed .


I am so happy with my host family. They made me feel right at home. I’m very excited to see what the next couple of weeks bring. Thank you very much fsa for this amazing opportunity!

I can’t wait!

I can’t wait! I am overflowing with excitement. I am over the moon and I can’t wait to meat my host family. Germany sounds amazing and even the slightest thought of seeing snow for the first time, isn’t helping my racing heart.

Xxx Yra

Very happy with family

I am very happy with my host family. They treat me like another child in the house and always makes me feel welcome.

Germany tips and tricks

So im currently still on the 3 months exchange of October 2019 , and to my luck the dish i wanted to make for my host family , i forgot the ingredients (so here are some replacements i found in germany) milktart :
Feine speisestärke : maizena
Leibniz butter keks : tennis biscuits
Unser butter vanille : vanilla extract
So if you do forget something (which hopefully you dont 😂😏)
You can use these bad boys instead

I arrived!

Dear FSA, I arrived at my hostfamily and they are very friendly. Thank you for the oppurtunity.



I have arrived safely at my host family and I'm very happy! We are having a excellent time together!
Thank you to FSA for making this opportunity possible :)

Thank you

Hello Petra

Thank you so much for your email. I’ve been in touch with my host family and I’m really looking forward to my visit in Germany. I am so excited to finally meet them!
See you soon.

Kind regards


super excited

Hi thank you so much i am super excited.
I contacted my family the first night i received the information and I still keep close contact.
I am super happy with my family they are amazing so far. 👍🏼

Excitement,anticipation,lets go Germany

Excitement has struck with the countdown of t minus 10 days till the 3 month program of 2019/2020 , to my host family
There is no amount of words to describe how excited and ready i am to go to germany and finally Meet you guys ❤️
To my Host sister
We have waited 3 months to see eachother again ❤️
Ich freue mich auf dich

total begeistert

Wir haben uns durch FSA und Fr. Jacobi sehr gut aufgehoben und betreut gefühlt. Auf unsere Fragen gab es schnell, nett und kompetent Antworten, die Organisation war vorbildlich und unser Sohn total begeistert - eine Erfahrung fürs Leben. Auch die Zeit mit dem südafrikanischen Austauschpartner war eine tolle Familienerfahrung. Unser jüngerer Sohn hat schon verkündet, dass er in 4 Jahren auf jeden Fall auch mit FSA nach Südafrika möchte. Ein schöneres Kompliment gibt es nicht.
Michaela R.

Great Adventure

Yara ist seit 3 Wochen aus Südafrika zurück und erzählt noch jeden Tag davon. In den 6 Wochen in Südafrika hat sie einen tollen Einblick in das wunderbare Land erhalten. Ihre Gastfamilie war total lieb und Yara konnte viele afrikanische Tiere erleben. Der Big Swing war ihr absolutes Highlight des Austausches. Die Organisation ist großartig. Man wird perfekt auf den Austausch vorbereitetund fühlt sich niemals allein gelassen. Eine absolute Empfehlung!

My expire

Who knew that you could grow so close to people in such a sort time. I have such an amazing host family that has helped and taught me so much! I got the chance to see Germany in a way that very few people get to experience - how the schools work, the communities are and how the families live in this gorgeous country. I will cherish every minute that I spent here and can’t wait to come and visit again!

Germany in August

Coming to Germany and having this great opportunity to be an exchange student had been such a blessing, my family is welcoming and made it there best effort to make sure I gain an understanding of german heritage and culture. I'm having such a great time and so sad the programme is nearly over I learnt so much and had so much fun in the sun this was a great experience